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The Talent Firm serves as an employment promotion agency and works to meet the interests of employers by matching them with trained, ready and fit-for-work candidates.

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More about internships for employers

Internships are an extension or a complement to classroom training that aim to expose young trainees to the world of work and provide hands-on professional experience. By working with the Talent Firm to acquire value-added fresh graduates, and offering them internship and permanent employment opportunities, employers gain the following:

  • Evaluate youth for potential full-time employment. This can help them to find high-quality candidates for future employment and fill any job vacancies quickly.
  • Access to quality candidates: Because interns have completed a training program, they are often more qualified for entry-level positions than employers might otherwise be able to recruit through The Talent Firm’s training programs that act as “quality control” for employers.
  • Save time and reduce the cost of selection and hiring.
  • Increase capacity and productivity on short-term assignments: As short-term additional labor within a company or organization, interns can be placed on specific projects to increase the capacity of the staff when needed.
  • Capture new energy and bring innovative ideas to the workplace: A young intern can infuse energy and vigor at work and challenge traditional ways of operation in a constructive manner.
  • Employers get to deliver on their social responsibility by acting on a top national priority and gain recognition as a positive actor in the local community.
  • Opportunity to request a new a candidate in cases of incompatibility.
  • The Talent Firm provides orientation and resources on intern and new employee management (employee contracting, employee rights and duties, advice on job description development, employee/intern appraisal framework)

For Employers

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